pond plantsMaintenance

Continue to place nets over small ponds to prevent autumn leaves falling in.

Rescue tender water plants and remove any dying foliage. Place the plants in trays of deep mud or damp sand, or even in a bucket of water, keeping them in a frost-free place such as a conservatory or greenhouse, until the risk of frost has passed.

If you did not tidy up the pond last month, then clear out any debris, weeds and excess oxygenating plants now. Leaving plants on the side of the pond for 38 hours before composting them, so that any wildlife has time to escape back to the pond.

Remove pumps or fountains and removable lighting systems, clean them, and store over winter in a safe place.


If there is any risk of frost or ice in your area, then do prepare yourself by preventing ponds from freezing over.

Continue to lookout for waterlilies affected by fungal problems.