Ivy & Wisteria

Many of the climbing species people grow up the front of their properties are extremely fast growing and soon get out of control unless pruned regularly.

Our team has expertise in dealing with them all.


We offer a complete Ivy removal service if required.
Alternatively, we can trim and contain Ivy that is nice to look at, whether it be growing on your house or along the garden fence.  If may be necessary to ring it if it has taken hold around a tree trunk whereby the leaves eventually die off and fall off to the ground ready for raking up and recycling.


Wisteria is a very popular climber in the Cambridge area.  They should ideally be spur pruned two times a year. Once in mid winter back to 2-3 buds and again in early Summer just after first flowering to encourage a second flush.  If you prefer to budget for one annual visit then you can choose the most important mid Winter prune.

We are able to offer a complete overhaul of neglected Wisterias. This includes thinning out the excess growth and, if necessary, the installation of vine eyes.  It is best not to allow your wisteria to support itself around drainage pipes, phone wires or TV aerials as this can cause significant problems especially damage to property in the longer term.


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