Fence & Shed Painting


  • A good way to improve your outdoor environment in the garden is by painting or staining your fence, decking and shed.
  • With such changeable weather be it sun, snow, wind or rain we suggest painting your fence and shed to give it a longer life.
  • Painting your fence, decking and shed is a great way to protect it, improve and increase the value of your estate and extend the life of them.
  • If they are not painted or stained every few years, they will quickly rot, look scruffy and can eventually fall over in heavy winds.
  • The wood used in most natural wood fences will age and turn a greyish silver colour so painting or staining is required for aesthetic reasons too.
  • There are many colours of paint or stains to choose from. We can suggest many different colours.
  • Decking can be sanded and stained with a natural oil or colour to improve the look and make it attractive again.

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