Cambridge Garden Services Ltd are fencing contractors working across Cambridge City and surrounding villages.  We provide a wide range of wood fencing, trellis and gates.

Our experienced team can build and repair fences for domestic and commercial customers. We are also able to paint them to give them longer longevity.  We are able to install several styles of fencing.

Wood option fencing is still the most cost effective way of setting up a boundary to your property and fits most budgets.  We use larch panels which are versatile and are treated to add to their longevity. Wood is also an environmentally friendly, natural material and is also easy to repair.

  • Larch wooden fence panels Super lap panels, Close board panels, Lap panels – available sizes 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 5ft, 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 3ft
  • Close board style fencing – available sizes 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 5ft, 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 3ft
  • Wooden posts – available sizes 8ft – 3”x3” 8ft – 4”x4” 6ft – 3”x3” 6ft – 4”x4” (longer sizes are available on request)
  • Featheredge style fencing
  • Concrete Posts, concrete gravel boards and Closeboard style panels
  • Palisade or Picket fencing – 3 foot high
  • Wind filtration panels
  • Forest europa prague decorative wave fence panel with trellis
  • Gates, bespoke large and small
  • Fence post repair – using wooden posts 3x3 or 4x4” or we can attach a concrete spur to the broken post using cement, coach screws and washers to help the post last longer than wood.

Larch wooden fence panels

We are able to construct all types of timber fencing and panel fencing using timber or concrete posts, plus close board (feather board) and trellis. Panel fencing can be erected with timber or concrete posts, and with or without gravel boards. Concrete posts with gravel boards are more durable as the gravel board is above ground, so this should last as long as the fence and posts.

Close board fencing

Close board fencing is another choice of fence and is very popular. This type of fence is constructed on site by our staff, with timber or concrete posts and gravel boards. It is a robust fence and it looks great.

Palisade or Picket Fencing

Palisade fencing, also known as traditional picket fencing, is usually made from timber posts with round or pointed tops, and is ideal for children’s play areas or boundary fencing. We can also provide bespoke matching gates.


We can install standard 6×3 gates using wooden posts or 3 foot high palisade gates using wood.

We also can provide bespoke gates made to measure.


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