Tarragon leaves picked in midsummer are best for freezing With its delicate aniseed taste, this herb is perfect with chicken and fish. It’s the main flavouring in Béarnaise sauce.

How to grow 
There are two types of tarragon – French and Russian. French tarragon has the superior flavour and much more tender leaves. It doesn’t produce viable seed, so buy French tarragon in spring as established plants from the garden centre. It is fairly slow growing, so you’ll need several plants for a decent crop of leaves.

How to care for tarragon
Sunshine and well-drained soil are essential. Plant it on its own in a container, as it can easily be swamped by more vigorous plants. Water sparingly and move the container to a cool, frost-free place in winter.

How to harvest 
Cut the top third of the stems for use in the kitchen.

Recommended varieties 

French tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) with its long, thin, aniseed-flavoured leaves, is definitely the one to choose.