May 16, 2018

How to grow Szechuan Pepper

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Szechuan Pepper

How to grow Szechuan Pepper

Zanthoxylum simulans (Szechuan Pepper) is a Shrub which grows to a height of 4m and a width of 6m . It has a moderate growth rate. It has a hardness rating of 6.

Szechuan Pepper will flower in December. the seeds ripen from April The flowers from this plant are dioecious (each plant is either male or female, thus both genders need to be present to seed) and they are pollinated by:

Soil Information

Szechuan Pepper will grow in light (sandy),medium (loamy),hard (clay) soil. It is / is important for the soil to be well drained.
The soil prefers the following PH / acid levels :
– pH of less than 6, Acidic soils
– pH between 6 and 8, Neutral soils
– pH greater than 8, Basic soils
Szechuan Pepper prefers moist soils

Ideal Planting Locations

Szechuan Pepper can grow in full, semi shaded areas and areas with no shade.

Virgin wilds, hillsides and open wood.

Planting places suited to this plant described below.

  • Grows within a woodland garden
  • Grows on a sunny edge
  • Works within dappled Shade
  • Grows in a shady edge
  • Is suited to a deeply shaded location

Cultivation Details

Easily grown in loamy soils in most positions, but prefers a good deep well-drained moisture retentive soil in full sun or semi-shade.

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