Short but great seed flavour.

How to grow
Aniseed-flavoured dill dislikes having its roots disturbed – sow it where it is to grow, either in the ground or in large containers in a warm sunny site with well-drained soil.
Don’t grow dill near fennel, as the two can cross-pollinate resulting in seedlings with muddled flavours.

If you can’t provide these conditions, then don’t waste your time – dill won’t thrive in cold, wet areas. Sow little and often in March to April in the greenhouse to give you a supply of fresh leaves all summer.

How to care for dill
Protect your plants from strong winds and support them with twiggy sticks.

How to harvest 
Pick leaves fresh whenever you need them. If you want to use the seed too, cut off the flower heads, put them in a paper bag and leave in a warm place for a week. The seeds will then fall from the husks and can be stored in an airtight container.

Recommended varieties
The variety  ‘Bouquet’ is shorter than the common form at only 60cm. It runs to seed very quickly, so is ideal if you prefer the flavour of the seed. If you’re growing dill for ornamental effects as well as culinary, go for ‘Tetra’ or ‘Herkules’.